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Swapping Brood Chambers/Supers

As this is my first year in beekeeping, both hives have their brood set-up in the bottom deep (also called Brood Super, Brood Chamber or, as I did, just a Deep.)  But, recent reading indicates that older hives will have moved up into the top Deep (assuming you have two deeps for them to work in) by the end of Fall (which is probably late September in Bee-land.) Bees like to move up (and apparently rarely (if ever) move down), so you have a bit of a situation on your hands if your honey is down below at this point.

So, it seems to be commonly recommended to swap your Deeps at this point in the year if you do have a brood nest in the upper deep. This will put the brood nest back down below and let the bees slowly work their way back up again. Although everything we do is for the ‘good of the bees’, I laugh at how often we work against them. I am glad I do not have a People-keeper that keeps undoing everything that I work so hard to do!

This post is mainly a reminder for me next year.

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