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Encouraging Activity During a Warm Spell

Bees Eating Syrup in Winter

After speaking with David Stover and making a forum post at Beesource.com, my feelings about the activities in front of my hives have swung the full gamut. There is no fighting at all and both of them are actually bringing in pollen at this point. I even noticed one gal doing a crazy dance on the landing board before zipping off to the South and East. This is clearly just part of the normal progression of things and is a great sign. The hives are alive and seemingly doing well!

Yesterday, I only watched them from the outside and noticed tons of activity again. Of note, the weak hive was eating up the syrup like mad. I am glad that they were at it, as several are floating in the reservoir where they eat and I would like them to eat up this syrup so that I can clean out that mess (although most times they clean them out – but it seems to happen less frequently in the winter.)

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