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Wow!!!!! Technical issues!

The new year came in and things really started hopping in my beekeeping adventures. I was able to tackle a lot of the tasks that I slate for Jan and Feb, but end up rushing to complete in late March or even April! Things were going so well that I decided to go ahead and add a post and maybe become a bit more active on my blog this year.

Low and behold, I find out that the daggone thing has been down for a couple of months. After a bit of legwork, I discovered that the site was not recoverable and had to rely on back-up’s. Despite being in IT and knowing you need to take regular back-up’s, my last good backup was from 2013! Argh.

But, all things considered, I think it worked out fine. I have not been very active the last few years, so I am fairly certain that I didn’t lose much in this debacle. I still have some clean up work to do, but hope to begin relaying some of my bee adventures soon!

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