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A Gallon of Syrup in 2 Days!

I am honestly not sure what to make of this, but I checked the Westover Hive top feeder (just to see if they were eating from it) and it was empty! A bunch were all in it, licking up the scraps, but the syrup was bone dry. There were a couple of ants, but not a ton (so, they could not be the source of this hunger.) The last couple of days have been sunny off-and-on with cloudy weather and the occasional spurt of rain (I picked up one-tenth of an inch yesterday). Maybe this weather had them holed up. Whatever the reason, I went with it and put a gallon-and-a-half in there for them to work on. Hopefully, they are using this stuff to fill out that top deep. I look forward to the next inspection (probably mid-week.) I’ll have to break them down completely, just to see what is going on (my queen should be two or more years old, so I am half-way expecting them to try a supercedure at some time.)

At this rate, I might be doing a split on this hive in June!

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