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A New Beekeeper!

A Picture of my newborn daughter, Ann Katherine Tyler, with Mom and Pop

Ann Katherine, Mom and Pop

On August 14, at 11:53 am, Miss Ann Katherine Tyler entered this world! At 6 lbs 13 oz, she came into the world with a lot of squawling and a fairly emotional pop. Mum is recouperating and doing well, although our sleeping schedules are now completely out of whack. Ann Katherine is a dream all day long, pretty much eating and sleeping. Come around 11:45, she likes to squawl for an hour or two. Nothing quiets her down for more then a minute or two during this time. I’m not sure what she is trying to tell me, but she is very vocal and adamant about it.

As much as I love bees, I have honestly not given them much thought these past few weeks. I am sure that they are fine and will be back to more posts in September as the Winter approaches!

1 comment to A New Beekeeper!

  • Doug Ladd

    Slep any yet? Hows it being a dad? It gets better once the baby sleeps through the night. The first will be a joyous occastion and cause for celebration by sleeping a little more…LOL

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