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Westover Hive Enjoys a Drink

I couldn’t stand it at work and had to run home to check the new Westover Hive during lunch. They were busy bringing in lots of pollen and I found a ton of them up in the feeder, drinking the sugar water down. I am dying to take a look inside, but have committed to leaving them alone until this weekend. I’ll probably check the feeder every day, to make sure it does not run dry. Things appear to be working great here, but I am worried since I cannot see what they are doing. Presumably, they have started some comb and the queen has already laid in it. It will be amusing to see if they have already laid in the honey frame that I dropped in there to entice them into the hive.

I also did a quick spot check of the Albo hive to see if they had started to draw out the honey super. Nothing yet. Didn’t even see a bee on any of the frames (I just removed the inner cover and did a spot check.)

2 comments to Westover Hive Enjoys a Drink

  • David Shea

    loved reading your site, I don’t have bees yet and just went to the first meeting in April, meet Tom and signed to get a NUC from him. I don’t have a hive yet. I live in Varina as well and would like to call you if I have a problem. I plan to attend the May meeting and we should meet there

    David Shea

  • Hey David,

    Glad you made it to the meeting. You can call anytime, although you might tire of it (I find that I can talk forever about bees!) I’ll see you at the meeting for sure – I don’t miss ’em. Plus, I think Tom or Kenny is going to talk about doing a ‘split’ which should be fascinating and very educational.


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