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No Honey This Year

The check this weekend resulted in mixed results. Hive 2 had actually started filling out a few frames in the top deep, which was a definite positive. I am not sure what to do at this point, but will check at the Bee Meeting next week. I think I will continue to feed the little girls and hope that they keep the queen alive all Winter and kick her out next Spring. I have a pretty good feeling that this hive will not make it through the Winter, but they are storing about two batches of Sugar water a week right now, so there is a good chance.

Hive 1 was busy, but showed no work on the honey super. I almost took it off, but decided to wait until after my meeting this coming Tuesday.

The bees should be prepping for Winter, but I will have a better idea after the meeting. Kenny, a very knowledgeable and experienced Beekeeper, is going to give a talk about what to expect and tasks for the coming Winter. So, this weekend will probably go by uneventfully, except for refilling the feeder on Hive 2. It will be the following weekend when I will begin my activities.

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