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Looking up at last!

It’s been two weeks since the last inspection, so I had to have a look at Hive 2 today, to see how it was faring. I have no idea how much the Robber Screen and sugar syrup feeding played a role, but the hive was looking much better. I found the queen and the bees are clearly working on 5 frames now. They also have been looking much more active at the front of the hive as well, with bees coming and going on a regular basis.

I checked the hive around 2 pm on a sunny day around 85 degrees F. Although I definitely found capped honey, I was unable to be sure about brood because I did not go very far into the hive (once I saw the queen, I closed her back up.) I also realized that there is very little chance that I will be able to see eggs or larva in the cells while I have the cap on. I will have to brave a ‘no hood’ inspection soon, so that I can start to check this out.

I also briefly checked Hive 1 and there was little to say. No work on the new brood chamber yet, but they looked very healthy, still working on 7 frames. I might have jumped the gun with these guys. We shall see.

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