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Hive 1 Rolling!

Hive 1 is rolling now. I was worried because I had seen one of the Wax Moth worms out on the landing area of the bottom board a week or so ago. But, I have not been able to really look into it. This was not a full inspection, but I did break down the entire top Deep and was happy to see them drawing out foundation on 5 frames! A couple of the frames were about ready to get an egg or two.

But, I did not break down the Deep with most of the bees in it. It’s a bit late and it looked like they were all in there. In fact, unlike my recent look into Hive 2, there was very little activity outside of the hive. Thus, I will wait until next weekend when I will do a full inspection of this hive too, but with smoke. It will be a busy weekend, to be sure. I hope to not find any (or very little) Wax Moth damage and bees storing lots of honey and pollen, with healthy brood evidence.

This hive looks like it stands a very good chance to do very well over the Winter.

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