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The Royal Lady Eludes Me Again!

Dead bees that starved

Today (actually, 10 minutes ago), I took on the first major hive inspection of the year, focusing solely on Hive 1, the hive that I have started to call my Geronimo Hive. As per my last post, I had lots of expectations for this inspection. Given the fact that folks […]

To Kill a Bee Brush

Well, I put my first powdered sugar on the strong hive and it appeared to go well. At least until I pulled out the bee brush to brush the sugar on the top bars between the frames. Boy do my bees hate that brush. They get on that thing and try to sting the living […]

Hive 1 Rolling!

Hive 1 is rolling now. I was worried because I had seen one of the Wax Moth worms out on the landing area of the bottom board a week or so ago. But, I have not been able to really look into it. This was not a full inspection, but I did break down the […]