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Wet and now Dry!

Mother Nature is definitely the most fickle lass that I know! Last year, we had a very wet Spring, coupled with a bout of freezing weather in late April that I believe was the primary culprit in the struggles of the last year. Rain washes nectar out of plants – not a good thing for […]

Walking Drones

Although I have heard of several eager beekeepers talking about creating Nuc’s (for a variety of reasons, mostly around purported queen cell creation in their overwintered hives) already, I never create Nuc’s until I see a lot of walking drones in my hives in a given area. I an definitively say that my areas (eastern […]

A first run out into the Yards

The first hive inspections of the year are always an adventure of up’s and down’s, although “inspection” is a strong word for it. Typically, I am going to 3 or 4 yards, checking hive weight (lifting the back of hive) and pulling off each super and/or brood chamber until I get to the bottom box […]

Wow!!!!! Technical issues!

The new year came in and things really started hopping in my beekeeping adventures. I was able to tackle a lot of the tasks that I slate for Jan and Feb, but end up rushing to complete in late March or even April! Things were going so well that I decided to go ahead and […]

Nicot Day 5

Nicot settings that hold the egg cups

About 3 weeks late, I was finally able to start the first queen rearing program this past weekend. Today (well, yesterday, given the fact that my daughter woke me up and I’m unable to get back to sleep at this ungodly hour!) was Day 5 of my […]

Getting Your First Beehive [Pick-up Day!]

Per the previous post, someone recently asked me about what they needed to be prepared for getting bees this Spring. After we talked for awhile, the first thing that I realized was that he had not ordered his bees yet. My previous post went over how you get your hives but, as mentioned by Doug, […]

The Small Hive Beetle

The Small Hive Beetle is another one of those lovely gifts that beekeepers received from across the seas. The critter originated in Africa. Oddly, one would expect that the Beekeeper’s of Europe would have encountered them as well, but maybe the beetle could never survive the trip through the Middle East…

At any rate, this […]