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Wired Frames

Last year, I made a decision that I would not extract from Deep frames. Based on my strategy and set-up, Deep frames would always be for my bees. From that point forth, I stopped wiring my frames. It is important to note that I still used ‘wired foundation’, so they still had some fortification. Through […]

Beekeeping Supply Companies

Well, I am not a whiner. Take the bad with the good, is what I say. But, my current experience in the bee shop (translated, messy garage turned into workshop) may have had a profound effect on me.

Three weekends ago, I realized that I was short on Mediums. I use them as the top […]

Rendering Wax for the First Time

I finally got around to rendering wax for the first time! It was an interesting adventure. Many folks write and commented on the fact that you shouldn’t do it in your kitchen. Of course, I ignored all of that (I can be careful – no big deal!) That was big mistake number 1…

I am […]