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Nuc Check – Queen Cup and Cranky

Berkeley Hive Found larvae, eggs & capped brood Did not find queen The bottom deep was wall to wall capped brood (the outside frames were nectar/honey) Bees had finished Tom Fifer’s 4th frame and were working on two of my frames, effectively on 6 frames now. Found 1 queen cup. Hive was a bit crankier […]

Syrup out again!

The Westover Hive now has me wondering if they are pulling a prank on me. They are eating syrup like I have never seen a hive suck it down. The real proof will be in the next inspection, which I hope to do over the next few days and certainly on Friday at the latest. […]

Hive 1 : Filled Feeder

This morning I filled Hive 1 up with sugar syrup. I put about a container and a half in their feeder. This is not a good measure, as a container is a kitchen pitcher that I have. The next feeding I will use something that I know what the volume of it is.

The goal […]

Honey Bees Eating Syrup and Another Training Flight!

Although I have been waffling on looking at the hives this weekend, I finally decided to basically let them be with respect to an actual frame inspection. I did, however, observe them externally on several occasions and frequently checked the hive-top feeders that I put on them earlier this week. As always, the two hives […]