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The Westover Hive is Keeping Me on my Toes!

We received a nice rain over the past few days here in the Richmond, Virginia area. I personally picked up an inch and 3 tenths. This is not a ton of rain, but it literally fell over a period of about 20 hours. It was a perfect rain, soaking in to the last drop. This […]

Another Swarm…

I was working in my yard today and a neighbor from about a half-mile down the road came driving up, saying he had a bee hive in his garage! He mumbled something about insulation, but I dismissed it and hopped into my car to go have a look. When we got there, I could see […]

Good Times with the Westover Hive!

With the recent disappointments of slow build up in my established hives, today was a great boon in my first ‘real’ inspection of the Westover Hive. I actually found eggs and they were working on their seventh frame already!

A week-and-a-half ago, I captured my first swarm at Westover Plantation. This hive I am calling […]

Honey Bee Swarm Captured!

The swarm, which I am now calling the Westover Swarm, is finally back in Varina, Virginia! It was a bumpy ride, but it appears to be 1 in the Win column for me.

When I last signed off, I had a bunch of bees outside of the Deep that I had laid down beside the […]

Bee Activity

The temps have popped up to 50 today in Richmond, Virginia and my honey bees are showing a bit of activity. The weak hive is showing the most activity, bringing in some pollen resources it would appear (and probably some training flights.) One of my large Maples has just started to bloom a bit (1 […]

Bees Get a Bathroom Break!

After a little over 3 weeks (I think), the bees finally were given a pass to take a Bathroom break today. The temperatures made it into the lower 50’s, although I saw them milling around the landing board and doing cleansing flights in the mid-40’s this morning. Basically, the little wenches have been in a […]

First January Hive Check

It’s been a tough few weeks with miserable temperatures and a couple of spots of snow. It’s really been an unusual Winter…at least when compared to the last few years. Regardless, I was able to check my hives today and all is good, despite my constant hand wringing.

To begin with, we had a couple […]

New Year Comes in a Chill

Not much to report today, except to note that the gals are having to endure an incredible stretch of cold. Today and for the next week or so, we’ll see lows in the low 20’s and highs in the low to mid-30’s in Richmond, Virginia! Beekeeping is a stressful hobby for the novice these days, […]

The Storm Passes…the Sun Arrives

Casualties from a Cold, Winter's Night

Late last night, perhaps around 11:30 PM, I took the dogs out to do their nightly nature calls and noticed that snow was still coming down, ever so lightly. The temperatures had dropped into the 20’s and were scheduled to get lower here in central Virginia. My thoughts […]

MegaBee Killer!

Wow, you would think that I would learn.

In my recent feeding, I decided to try the MegaBee again to see if I could give my bees a bit of a leg up during the hot month of August. This time, I increased the Sugar:Water ratio and hoped that it would dissolve a bit better. […]