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Request a Nuc for 2017

For prices and process —— click here.


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26 comments to Request a Nuc for 2017

  • Lou Crenshaw

    Don’t need a nuc, but sure could use 2 queens if you have any sources>
    Lou Crenshaw

  • Hey Lou,

    Unfortunately, I currently do not raise Queens for sale. This may change next year, but I can’t help you out this year.



  • Joe Hazel

    I put my name down for deep nuc but can take either deep or medium. Thank you

  • Ruthi Weldin

    I had not read all of the comments, and see that you are sold out of medium NUCs, if you have any deep ones, I will be happy to accept those instead.

    Thank you,

    (New Kent, VA)

  • Cathy Kilday

    Lost 2 hives over the winter. Can you provide queens and nucs? Cathy

  • Cathy,

    Right now, my hives appear to be pretty strong. So, I may be able to meet it (there are a lot of folks ahead of you, but it looks like I’m going to have a lot of Nucs). Fill out the form and I’ll let you know over the next month or two if there is a chance.



  • Rae Maupin

    I know it is late but if nucs are available I can use a deep or a medium.
    i will be happy to find some bees.
    Lost a strong hive and to start again. Thank you.

  • It’s hard to say how many Nuc’s I will end up producing. Your best bet is to fill out the Nuc Order Form and wait and see. I’ll give you a heads up (a few weeks before they are ready) if things look good.

  • babette whitney

    I also know that it is late but if you have any I would love to purchase them. Thank you. B Whitney

  • Ruthi Weldin

    I am looking to start 2 hives. I believe I submitted a previous order. I have tall and medium boxes, and either size would be great!

    Thank You!

  • George Zotev

    I signed up on the waitlist for 2 nucs. I was wondering if there are any deep or medium nucs still left and around when they would be available for pickup if there are. I also want to know if it would be possible to take them with a transport box.

  • Hello George,

    The cold and wet weather has delayed things a bit. I do not have any visibility into how many Nucs I will produce yet. The best that I can do is to give you a heads up, 3 to 4 weeks before it is ready. If you still want it at that time, you will be able to bring a transport box and pick them up, if you’d like.


  • Hi Mr. Tyler,
    Just checking in to get a status update. I realize the cold weather slowed you down some. I am on your waiting list for 2 nuc’s. Can you tell me what potential there is and a time frame?

    David & Brenda Cole

  • I do not have any of that information at this time. I will contact you once I have it.

  • Thank you Mr. Tyler. Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Bruce Mathern

    I know it is late but if you have any deep or medium nucs I would be interested. thank you bmathern

  • Please submit a request to get on the waiting list.

  • Pat Mills

    Mr. Tyler,
    I respended to your list for mediums but I will accomadate any size medium or deep. I was trying to split a hive and got caught up the cold weather snap. Thanks.

  • Jim Disbrow

    I’d like to buy a package of mutts (queen + big nucleus) for my CSA friends at Farm to Family (just a little north of Richmond). Can we arrange this? I’ve already given Mark a really nice hive structure – and would like to support his biodynamic bee-keeping notions.
    thanks and have a good week,
    Jim Disbrow

  • Jim,

    I may have a late Nuc available in June, but my May Nuc’s are spoken for. Please enter a request on my Nuc Request form.



  • David Cole

    Hi Mr. Tyler,
    Not sure you got my earlier message, so I am reposting to inquire about the availability of NUCS. I am on your waiting list and was checking your progress. I realize the odd weather is hampering things. Can you let me know.

    Thank you.

  • Hello David,

    My Nuc’s are about 4 weeks late, for the most part. March was a nightmare and then a cold snap in April was another sucker punch. Although I have always operated by the rule that I sell no Nuc’s in June, this year will be an exception for sure.

    I have no real visibility into Nuc’s except what I am delivering over the next 10 days or so. I’ll send you an email once your name comes up. If it’s too late for you, I’ll understand if you decline when you get my notification.

    Weather has not been my friend this year – the bees are healthy and doing just fine, but they have been REALLY slow to move out of Winter.


  • Ian Kukar

    I was wondering if you think that you’ll have any nucs available in the spring of 2018.
    Thanks a lot,

  • Gregory Rowley

    Will you notify me if I’ll be able to purchase two Nuc’s from you or should I shop elsewhere? Thank you.

  • Hey Greg – I plan to update the Nuc page shortly, if not tonight. I will try to email you personally once it is done. I do plan to offer both Nucs and full hives this year.

  • Yes, I plan to sell both Nucs and full Hives this year.

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