When You Pick Up Your Nuc

2014 Prices
$145 with wax foundation/wooden frame exchange
$150 with plastic frame/plastic foundation exchange
$160 with no frame exchange

When your turn comes up on the Nuc List, I will call/email you once I believe the Nuc is strong and ready to ‘explode’ – it will have passed all of my tests and should have a lot of baby bees getting ready to ‘hatch’. In perfect years, this happens in early April, but the average year puts Nucs available in late-April and May.

You will effectively bring a bare-bones hive setup (no honey supers, just brood chamber, bottom, top and entrance reducer) and I will transfer the bees into your hive.

You have two options when it comes to picking up your Nucs:

If you plan to be there during the transfer, we’ll agree on a day for you to come up and transfer the bees. Typically, this time of the season is very busy for me, so I normally can only do it on Sunday evenings.

What to bring: On pick-up day, you’ll bring a full hive setup – 1 (you just need one on this day) Deep body (or Medium body, if you are getting a Medium Nuc), 10 frames (8 if you use an 8-frame setup), 1 bottom board, 1 inner cover and 1 hive cover (optional – entrance reducer). You should also bring up a ratchet strap that we can tie the hive together with.

Each frame that you bring should have foundation in it – per the prices above, I offer discounts to folks with wax foundation (that’s my preferred foundation – a personal preference.)

I’ll transfer the bees to your hive, swapping my frames for your frames, showing you the (marked) queen, the brood and the stores.

You may either:

  1. strap up the hive right then and take it home,
  2. or come by after dark, either on that day or any day afterwards, and strap the bees up and take them. I recommend this option, as it lets all of the foragers come back home and you get all of the bees.

If you can’t come get them on a day that I can do it, you can drop off your setup (see above, ‘what to bring’) and I’ll let you know once I have transferred bees into it (you may come pick it up most any evening after that.)

9 Responses to When You Pick Up Your Nuc

  1. Gordon Lewis says:

    I am new to beekeeping and am in the process of getting ready to start a couple of hive in the spring. I see on your site that nucs can not be assured at this point.

    You seem to be my closest option in Richmond. I realize that I could mail order a package of bees and a queen. I remain uncertain the benefit of one versus the other. I do plan on attending a class in January, but it looks like I need to have my bee order in place prior to that.

    What is the likelyhood that you would have two nucs available? Also, about when in the year are the nucs available?


    Gordon Lewis

  2. Jones Tyler says:

    Hello Gordon,

    The best bees that you can get are local Nuc’s.

    As to my Nuc’s, my list still looks pretty good with regard to Deep Nuc’s (as of 12/1). But, if you’re looking for Medium Nuc’s, I have already filled up my list for those, so any orders for those go on a waiting list (no guarantee of a Nuc at all – it will just depend on how bad the Winter is and how good/bad the Spring is.)

    You would probably get your Nuc’s from me sometime in early May.


  3. babette whitney says:


  4. Jones Tyler says:

    If you submitted a Nuc Request on the site, you’d go on the Waiting List. At this point, I do believe that I will deliver some to the folks on the Waiting List, but I do not know how deep I will go into it.

    I’ll know more in late April.

  5. Jonathan Hamilton says:

    Good afternoon. I’m new to Richmond and looking for both nucs and hives supplies. I am hoping for a nuc for my home hive, and two additional complete hives and nucs – one for the nurisng home where I work – (we hope to have a hive in our back yard for residents to enjoy), and one for an employee who was a beekeeper in his native Egypt – he wants to start a hive in his backyard, and he’ll tend the hive here at the nursing home. Are you able to help with any of this, or to direct me elsewhere locally? Thank you!

  6. Jones Tyler says:

    Hello Jonathan,

    Yes, I provide Nucs and can direct you to a few places that sell the equipment. But, it’s a bit late in the year to be looking for a Nuc. You should go ahead and submit a request for a Nuc on the site ( http://richmondhoneybee.com/bees-sale/reserve-nuc ) and, if the season goes well, I may be able to fill an order or two for you.


  7. Mike Camizzi says:


    I just started 2 hives and one swarmed immediately, so I am left with a queen in a cage (with the sugar plug still intact) and about 30 ‘loyal’ servants (Langstroth). I think I need a couple frames of bees/eggs ASAP before the queen is released/dies. Any ideas?

    My other hive (top bar) looks great thus far.

    Mike C.

  8. Jones Tyler says:

    Hey Mike,

    I would contact the folks that I purchased a package from. You pretty much need a Nucleus hive, but without the queen. I build and sell Nuc’s and they are in very high demand (my waiting list is a mile long).

    That said, if you regularly attend one of the local beekeeper meetings, you may be able to find someone who will give you some frames. I would definitely reach out to the membership to see if someone can help.

    For what it is worth, it sounds to me like your package had a queen already in it (which does happen – it’s hard for package manufacturers to guarantee that no queen gets shaken into the box). Bees definitely will not ‘swarm’ without a queen.

    good luck!

  9. carroll keatts says:

    Please let me know if you have any bees , thank you

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