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Va Honey Bee Nuc’s for Sale

In most years, I have starter hives (Nucs) for sale for beekeepers in the central Virginia (I am just to the east of Richmond, Va) area. Although I once had a form that allowed folks to get on a “waiting list”, things became a bit too hectic to manage that correctly and I now simply enable the form once I am comfortable that I will have some strong Nuc’s available (see this form: http://richmondhoneybee.com/bees-sale/reserve-nuc ).

What do you get?

I provide a healthy Nuc that is headed by a young, newly raised queen from one of my proven lines. You are absolutely going to get 2 to 3 frames of brood (all produced by the young queen) and at least a frame or two of resources. The Nuc is going to be too big to live in a Nuc much longer. They need more room, which is when I call the folks on my list to come pick up their bees and put them in a full super.

The queen will be one of my mutts. I have a wide mixture of genetics and let  my queens mate in the wild. I don’t care much about whether I have Russians or Italians. I only care that I have strong bees that do well in our area and in today’s adverse environmental conditions. I weed out the weak ones.

What do you need to bring when you pick up your bees?

Typically, you are going to need a 10-frame, deep super. I will swap the frames (usually 5) from my Nuc with the frames of foundation in your hive. If you do not bring 10 frames of wax foundation, I add $10 to the cost of the Nuc (and do not take any of your frames.) If you are using a Medium setup, you would instead start with a 10 or 8 frame Medium box with frames.

What is the cost?

The current price for my Nuc’s is $150 with wax-foundation frame exchange. Without frame exchange, it is $170.

How do I get on the list?

I no longer keep a list, as it was too difficult to maintain and I would inevitably forget someone and feel guilty about it!! Instead, I enable a form or encourage folks to simply contact me by mid-April to see how things look. The “order” form is here : http://richmondhoneybee.com/bees-sale/reserve-nuc.

What Happens Next?

More than likely, the majority of my best Nuc’s will be created in April. This means that I will be reaching out in May to let you know the bees are ready to be picked up.


14 comments to Va Honey Bee Nuc’s for Sale

  • Fitzroy


  • If I am feeding bees, I do use regular sugar. My basic strategy is here :


    I sometimes add a bit of Honey Bee Healthy to the mix as well, although I have no empirical evidence that this helps or hurts any.

    I really do not want to feed my bees sugar water – I much prefer for them to have honey, made from real nectar, as I do believe that it contains minerals and other ingredients that are far better for the bees then honey made from sugar syrup. Winter is hard on the bees. I want them to have the best honey available during that time. But, sometimes it is not practical.

  • Stephen

    do you have any nucs for sale?

  • Hey Stephen –

    I might have a few Nucs for sale this year, but I will only know by mid to late May.

    I ended up with more Increase Nucs then I had planned on for this year (by about double) and I ended up catching a bunch of swarms. So, it really depends on how the Nucs that I created fare (if all do well, I will have 6+ Nucs for sale).

    Feel free to contact me in early May.


  • Nick

    Hi, I am very interested in a nuc in the spring I am ma starting beekeeper, please let me know – I live in Northern Virginia (Oakton) Thanks

  • Quick question: Beekeeper offering to install a 5 frame deep nuc in my brand new hive this week. I have no other bees and this will be my first try at beekeeping. Do you think these bees can survive the winter.? Should I wait until spring ?Thanks so much.

  • Hey Mary,

    It depends on where you are. If you are in my area (Central Virginia), then the answer is definitely wait until next Spring. This is a horrible time for a new beekeeper to start a new hive from a Nuc. It will take an experienced beekeeper to get them through the Winter and, even then, I believe they have a high risk of perishing.

    Better to get your bees in April or May next year. It will save you a lot of heart ache.

    good luck!

  • M.G. Williams

    I’m sure I’m way to late for one of your nucs, but can you suggest one or two reliable sources in VA I might contact? (My club, Tidewater Beekeepers, recommends against ordering from out of state.) Thanks – M. G. Williams Norfolk, VA

  • Many folks have been asking me this – unfortunately, none of the usual suspects are building out Nucs this year.

  • I’m taking the beginner beekeeping class with the PBA this year in Lynchburg. Please let me know if you have any nucs available. I understand that I’m late in the process. 🙁 I am set to take either medium or deep if you have either. Thanks!

  • David Cole

    Hi Mr. Tyler,
    I was checking in again to see what the availabilty of securing nuc’s looks like. I am on your waiting list but was hoping to get a status update from you. Thank you.
    David Cole

  • Your best bet is to sign up on my waiting list. I really have no visibility on how many orders I will fill until I’m within a few weeks of delivering a Nuc. I’ll email folks on my waiting list, at that time, to give them a heads up.

  • Jody Fecondo

    Do you have any Italian nice available? If do, I would like to come and pick one up.

  • I do have some Nuc’s available.

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