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The Westover Hive is Keeping Me on my Toes!

We received a nice rain over the past few days here in the Richmond, Virginia area. I personally picked up an inch and 3 tenths. This is not a ton of rain, but it literally fell over a period of about 20 hours. It was a perfect rain, soaking in to the last drop. This is going to be a boon for my gardens and, I would guess, the bees, since the nectar producing plants should really have the resources to work at full steam now.

I decided to check the feeder on the Westover Hive, just to see if they were making progress. I do not know what the cause was (either the rain kept them inside, the new brood hatched out and increased the population or they simply decided to start using it more), but they have finished off all of the syrup. A gallon in a week and a half is pretty good, for this time of year. I am now wondering how much of that second deep they have drawn out. It is really impossible for me to entertain the idea that they are going to fully draw that out before the end of May, but who knows. I like the thought of a bunch of country (feral) bees working their tails off.

I’ll make up another batch of syrup tonight and give them a look see tomorrow or Friday during lunch. I know it is not drawn out yet, but I need to know what kind of progress they are making. This daggone hive could swarm again if I do not keep an eye on them!

3 comments to The Westover Hive is Keeping Me on my Toes!

  • Doug Ladd

    i made the mistake this year of keeping my feeders on too long this year “for wax pruposes” and all though they drew out wax, they also backfilled causing the queen to lay in the queen cups thus getting ready to swarm. This happened on 3 of my hives.

    although my case is different becuase they were also making queens and then the time delay for her to start laying, her first eggs were in the cups… i had to make nucs off them.

    Just something to keep your eye on if they are backfilling the brood area, i would remove the feeder since they have plenty nectar and pollen available naturally.

    If i wouldnt have checked on them every week thye would have swarmed on me probably today with the good weather. 3 swarms on new hives wouldnt have been nice…

  • Have you ever had a hive swarm? If so, have you actually been able to capture any of them?

  • Doug Ladd

    No i havnt had a swarm (that i know of), i tend to be on the conservative side of splitting early and checking my hives often…

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