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Robber Screen

Keeping The Robbers Out!

Keeping The Robbers Out!

Well, I was finally able to seal off the bees last night (around midnight – and a couple were STILL milling around the entrance!) This morning, I went out to check and about 6 bees were on the outside. I know that one of them could have been from the hive, as one did fall off the bottom board last night and meandered about without getting back in before I sealed her up. It probably was her, as I later noticed that one of the six was actually carrying pollen, which was probably her work this morning.

Regardless, I went to Lowes in Varina, Virginia and picked up the materials for a robber screen and put it in place around 10 am. It was a bit harry, as they were very peeved and I had to smoke them to get them back in before I could remove the blocker screen. Even smoking them only caused a few to go back in.

When I did remove the screen, they really got worked up and I moved off a bit before returning about 30 seconds later to put the screen in place. Amazingly enough, I was not stung (I was expecting multiple stings.)

Elevated and Ant Proof

Elevated and Ant Proof

I also moved the bees to a low table that I built last night and put up some ant guards on each of the legs. All of this had several bees going back to the old place (or maybe these were the robbers, who knows.) Regardless, they are a bit out of sorts, but I feel better (heh…that shouldn’t count, but it does!) I am hopefull that I will find them tomorrow, working the robber screen without a problem with some of the robbers being foiled. I created the second robber screen for the strong hive, which I think I will put in place on them too, just to be safe.

Finally, there’s lots of dead brood outside of Hive 2 again. I really do not know what to make of all of this. I hope (glass is half full) it is a sign of great hygenics and not a sign of something else wrong.

Folgers Can for an Ant Moat

Folgers Can for an Ant Moat

Regardless, one more beekeeping experience in Varina, Virginia to add to the ever-growing pile!

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