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New Year Comes in a Chill

Not much to report today, except to note that the gals are having to endure an incredible stretch of cold. Today and for the next week  or so, we’ll see lows in the low 20’s and highs in the low to mid-30’s in Richmond, Virginia! Beekeeping is a stressful hobby for the novice these days, as I have no idea what to expect going into my first Winter. Each beehive remains quiet (or at least nobody is coming out of the cluster to fly around), which is to be expected, but gives the clueless beekeeper a bit of worry.

Hopefully, we’ll get a batch of weather in the 50’s next week and I can put some granular sugar out for them to enjoy.

1 comment to New Year Comes in a Chill

  • mrbeeva

    A heavy sugar syrup (1:1) in a closed container over the inner cover hole is my prefer method. The dry sugar will do in “EMERGENCIES” to prevent starvation. The heavy syrup is recommended at this time due to the more water to process with less sugar.

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