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MegaBee Killer!

Wow, you would think that I would learn.

In my recent feeding, I decided to try the MegaBee again to see if I could give my bees a bit of a leg up during the hot month of August. This time, I increased the Sugar:Water ratio and hoped that it would dissolve a bit better. Well, it definitely did dissolve a bit better. But, the bees are drowning in the stuff like nobody’s business!

Basically, this stuff is definitely not for a top feeder. I cannot say for sure if it is worth a daggone for any kind of feeder, but I do know that I will not use it again in my current feeder setup.

In my weaker hive, I am basically going to have to replace the feeder today. It’s terribly hot, but I have no other choice. It will be good to take a look and see how many frames are being worked on. I am hopeful that I can put my second deep on the weaker hive soon.

3 comments to MegaBee Killer!

  • Doug Ladd

    I have only used it in the patty form and have great results. I have purchased another 40lb box of premade patties from Dadant. I am not sure it is supposed to be used as a syrup but i believe it is supposed to be made into patties only and feed on the frames above the brood. My hive typically took a whole patty in about 3-4 weeks thats a lb patty. sometimes like early in the spring they could take a lb in 2 weeks and they even threw the paper outside the hive for me to pick up in small pieces (I didnt).

  • Steve Briles

    I have used MegaBee in liqiud on hives without any problem. Remember it has to be in heavy syrup. I have no more drownings than I would with plain syrup. Increase bee drownings is a cause of the feeder or the feeding technique not the addition of MegaBee.

    With that said I perfer to make megabee into patties and feed my sugar straight without suppliment. That way in the spring I can use light syrup and the bees can snack on the patty as they wish.

  • In central Virginia (east of Richmond), I have found patties to be a disaster in the Summer. They seem to be Small Hive Beetle breeding factories. The above feedings (August) were primarily designed to try to get some protein into the hive before Winter-prep. The syrup was very thick. I did try them in simple mason jars, but the stuff would clog up the holes in the lids. But, maybe another feeder might be worth a try. I would like to figure out a way to get protein into my hives (during times of extreme dearth) in the Summer months.

    In the Winter, I am not a fan of any kind of liquid feed (although I have fed liquid in Winter successfully in some tests during the Winter of 2009-2010). I am using my Megabee up making patties for the late Winter months.

    I am too new at this to make a definitive decision on this stuff, but I could not recommend it at this point. I am hopeful to see some positive test results in 2011.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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