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MegaBee Disaster Barely Averted

Well, another lesson learned…

As mentioned previously, one of my hives was performing very badly. After some online research, I decided to try MegaBee, a pollen substitute that has some additives which supposedly maximized a bee’s health. I ordered a 40# bag and waited.

As fate would have it, Hive 2’s health and vigor began to increase. By the time the MegaBee arrived, they had put on a lot of growth in a single week. No more Wax Moths and things appeared to be improving. But, now I had the MegaBee and wanted to put it to use (every bit helps…or so I thought…)

The MegaBee arrived with about 3 sentences of explanation. A little browsing online confirmed this was the only info I was going to get, so I followed it. I made up a batch of thick sugar syrup and added the MegaBee. What a mess. It created a sludge – the MegaBee did not wholely dissolve into the syrup. I kept working it, but it did not improve much. Figuring this was part of the solution, I put it in both of my hives and left them for a week.

Yesterday, it was like camp Auschwitz in my hives. Both feeders had about a dozen bees floating in the stuff, dead. In addition, instead of a bunch of bees eating the stuff, only a few were working at it. I do not think they liked that stuff. It may work great when crafted into patties, but I purchased it to add it to the syrup. In that, I would mark it as a major failure.

I will write the company and see if they have a response. I would not recommend this stuff to anyone at this point.

1 comment to MegaBee Disaster Barely Averted

  • 1oledbeekeekper

    You obviously used it wrong.
    I have used it in syrup, patties and also
    dry. Had no problems and brood increased
    within days of applying it.
    If bees are drowning you need to modify
    the feeders to prevent them from entering the syrup. Floats or wire can cure a drowning problem.

    By the way there are complete mixing instructions on the internet. Just enter
    the words Megabee Mixing Instructions.

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