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German Hornets

I have found a nest of german hornets in the yard and am wondering about what to do with them. I actually am not overly concerned for my own well-being, but do not want anything that is going to put more (undue) pressure on my bees.

These hornets are in a Maple tree just off of my bedroom. There is a hollar about 4 feet up that the little suckers have decided to use. I was eyeballing them yesterday afternoon and noticed a couple of ‘guards’ at the entrance. It amused me to see that they were working much like the bees do (only these guys are eating insects instead of looking for pollen and nectar.)

These things are natural predators of bees and I do not expect to wipe out this threat. But, will they attack a hive? I have put some feelers out into the bee community to get a feeling for this before I proceed.

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