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Free Honey Bee/Swarm Removal

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Honey Bee Swarm Removal in Richmond, Va : During the Spring (and on into Fall, on occasion), the Richmond, Virginia Honey Bee will build up such a strong hive that they will Swarm! A swarm is simply a bunch of bees that have left their original hive with the existing queen (usually called the ‘old’ queen) to find a new home. They leave half of their hive behind with some nearly hatched young (usually called ‘new’) queens to carry on in the old home.

While looking for a new home, the bees will mass on some structure; usually a branch, the side of a house or even a mailbox. These bees are not aggressive. They are just looking for a home. If you find one of these masses of bees, please contact me using the form below ASAP. I will be elated to come and get those bees, giving them a home in my apiary (with other bees.) If the bees are strong, I might also be able to give you some honey from them down the road.

Cut Outs : Sometimes, a swarm of bees will find a nice home within YOUR home! They like to find a small hole in the house and setup home. This can be an annoyance to the homeowner and the first thought is to call the exterminator. But, if you kill all of the bees, you will still have a large nest of honey in walls/ceiling of your home and it can create quite a mess after the bees have been killed. In addition, the Honey Bee is already having a tough time in the Richmond, Virginia area just surviving.

The better option is to contact me (using the form below.) In most cases, I will come remove the bees free of charge. I will come to your home and tell you exactly how they will be removed. Usually, this is simply by cutting into a small section of the wall or ceiling and removing them over a day or two. I take the bees and the comb (honey). You are only left with a small repair job to fix up the home. Contact me for more information.

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