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Imrie Shim

The Imrie Shim is a neat little space that goes between the brood nest and the honey supers. It has a small hole for bees to come and go through. The idea here is that the foragers no longer have to land on the landing board and crawl through a couple of supers (1 Deep and 1 Medium in my case) full of nurse bees and other traffic just to finally deposit their nectar into the appropriate cell. With an Imrie Shim in place, the forager bypasses that craziness and is able to be more efficient in collecting & storing nectar. Here are some notes about this shim.

1. It was conceived by George Imrie, and thus the name. His experiments indicated a substantial increase in the honey produce on hives with the shim vs those without it.

2. As of 2011, I have not used it (I have not had enough drawn frames to effectively use it yet), but plan to in 2012.

3. As implied in #2, you must use this beneath drawn frames only. Putting it beneath a bunch of frames of foundation is apparently a bad idea. I do not know the particulars, but enough folks have reported this that I trust the assessment.

4. George Imrie puts all of his supers on at the same time, in early Spring, including the shims. He basically uses a shim beneath each super.

5. Once a super is capped (90%+), he removes the shim under that one.

6. He removes all of the shims just before the flow ends.

7. Many have reported that bees can cure honey faster due to the increase airflow provided by the shims.

8. Proclivity to swarm is reduced substantially, as the congestion in the hive is reduced substantially.

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