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Bloom Dates

This is my own personal observations of bloom dates in the Richmond, Virginia area, with regard to potential Honey Bee resources. Click here to view plants that serve as sources for nectar and/or pollen for the honey bee.

March 17, 2010 : All of my Plums are in bloom now.

March 28, 2010 : My peaches started to bloom.

April 2, 2010 : Dogwood has started to bloom

April 5, 2010 : Apple blossoms appeared

April 7, 2010 : My holly shrubs (the boxwood knock offs I think are called Japanese Hollies) started blooming

April 16, 2010 : Found first Tulip Popular blooms on the ground (this is a good marker for the start of the Flow in our area.)

Year: 2010 2011
Plant/Tree Begin Begin Stop
Maple 2/27 2/17
Colts Foot
Pussy Willow
Dandelion n/a 2/20
Fruit Tree Bloom
Crab Apple
Wild Cherry
Black Locust
Tulip Poplar
White Dutch Clover
Yellow Sweet Clover
White Sweet Clover
Purple Loostrife
Golden Honey Plant
Touch Me Not
Golden Rod
Purple Asters
White Asters
Seasonal Events
Last Frost
First Swarm
Last Swarm
First Frost

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