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Swarm Prep

I was painting some hive equipment in the nice weather we have been getting in Richmond, Virginia today, which typically means there is a lot of ‘thinking’ going on as I tackle the fairly monotonous task. I kept going back to my beekeeping excursion this past week and how much some of my hives had […]

Raising a Queen in the Snow!

A Single and a Double Overwintered Nuc in snow

Beekeeping in Richmond, Virginia continues to be an adventure full of surprises. Last week, we rose into the lower 60’s – the weekend comes and we get 3 inches of snow! Ha! Although the snow was fun (I really didn’t think we had a chance […]

First Full Inspections of the Year

With the weather being what it is, I had decided to start my full inspections in the middle of February (instead of early March, per usual.) A full inspection means that I open the hive and pull every frame. What’s the big deal? There are two big reasons why doing this in February (in a […]

Bee Rescue in February

Cutting Bee Logs the Old Fashioned Way

A fellow down on River Road (south of the James River in Richmond, Virginia) had some fellows removing trees from his yard earlier this week. On Tuesday, they cut a piece out of a big poplar and (when it hit the ground) bees erupted from it (according […]