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I’ll Definitely Be Selling Honey

Good lord. I mentioned in my last post that I had extracted two-thirds of a five gallon bucket off of one of my hives. In all honesty, I am certain that experienced beekeepers will see that and think it isn’t much. But, I can tell you folks out there who, like me, are just getting […]

My First Honey Extraction

I finally did it. I harvested my first batch of honey! It was not nearly as messy as I had expected it to be and I did get a nice batch off of my one of my producer hives in Varina, Virginia. The worst part was cleaning up the equipment after the extraction. I am […]

Video of the First Nuc Sale

When Wade Murray purchased a Nuc from me, he videoed nearly the entire purchase which included a look at the Nuc that he purchased (which corresponded with my commentary about what you should look for when purchasing a Nuc) and a good period of Q&A as he was getting ready to start his first hive […]

June in the Bee-yards

June in my Bee-yards near Richmond, Virginia takes on a new dimension from the first few months of the year. To begin with, the workload reduces a lot. I am no longer trying to do a full inspection of every hive. In truth, some of the full inspections (top to bottom, pulling every frame) wane […]

Attack of the Small Hive Beetle!

Another lesson learned for this old boy. I did a split of the William Byrd Hive back in late April. It was one of the hives that I had targeted for honey but had gone on a swarm rampage anyway. Come late-May, I did not see the signs that I liked and I dropped a […]