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Christmas, Snow and Rearing Queens

The Last Snow of 2010 – Christmas at the Geronimo Hive

Christmas has come and gone, but a blanket of snow persists in the central Virginia area even today. I did not measure it, but it appeared to be about 4 inches of snow that came down between late Christmas day and the following […]

Winter Feeding Adventures

We have had a good stretch of fairly cold weather over the last couple of weeks in central Virginia. Here to the east of Richmond, it’s been dipping into the 20’s nearly every night. Although this used to be normal a few decades back, I do not recall a stretch of cold like this in […]

Getting Your First Beehive [Pick-up Day!]

Per the previous post, someone recently asked me about what they needed to be prepared for getting bees this Spring. After we talked for awhile, the first thing that I realized was that he had not ordered his bees yet. My previous post went over how you get your hives but, as mentioned by Doug, […]

Getting Your First Bee Hive [Overview]

A nice fellow from a recent ERBA meeting contacted me the other day about getting bees and what were the next steps. After an email or two, he secured a couple of Nuc’s and is ready for the bees that will hopefully come his way this Spring. His initial assumptions did get me to thinking […]