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The Small Hive Beetle

The Small Hive Beetle is another one of those lovely gifts that beekeepers received from across the seas. The critter originated in Africa. Oddly, one would expect that the Beekeeper’s of Europe would have encountered them as well, but maybe the beetle could never survive the trip through the Middle East…

At any rate, this […]

Hot & Bearding

It’s hot as Hades today in Richmond, Virginia, reaching 95 degrees on my gauge. Beekeeping is only fun on days like today when you’re just watching from afar. Regardless, I had to do a couple of checks to see what was going on in the Albo and Geronimo hives. I built another medium (Illinois super) […]

New Queen Cells Started

Today, in my continuing effort to spread out my hive inspections, I decided to focus on two items. The first focused on the Geronimo Hive, as I wanted to check on the progress of the honey super. I do not want them to swarm because they filled that thing up too quickly. A couple of […]

Another Myth Buster – Moving a Bee Hive

Well, the old saying that you can only move a hive 2 feet or 2 miles is hogwash. Beekeepers in Richmond, Virginia and nationwide always advise that you should not move a hive unless it is a really short distance (2 feet or so) or a really long distance (over 2 miles.) The short distance […]

Bees on the Move

Today has been something else. We had a family crisis over the weekend and it has turned to the better as of this afternoon. With a few hours of time to relax, I decided to tackle some of my high priority items.

The Blue Cottage Hive needs some capped brood to bolster its weak ranks […]

Removing a Honey Bee Hive From a Tree!

The Calm Before the Storm

Wow, what a busy weekend. Between Friday and Saturday, I received 3 calls about possible feral hive removal. One turned out to be a nest of bumble bees, but the second was quite a whopper. A gentleman a bit to the south of me had a tree in his […]

Nuc Check – Queen Cup and Cranky

Berkeley Hive Found larvae, eggs & capped brood Did not find queen The bottom deep was wall to wall capped brood (the outside frames were nectar/honey) Bees had finished Tom Fifer’s 4th frame and were working on two of my frames, effectively on 6 frames now. Found 1 queen cup. Hive was a bit crankier […]