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Nuc’s Installed & Honey Bee Hive Investigations

I received the call from Tom that the Nuc’s were ready and picked them up last night, moving two to my apiary at home and taking one to Pop (Alex and I gave him one for Christmas.) Today was a busy day, looking at hives and squaring away the new Nuc’s, so let’s get to […]

Syrup out again!

The Westover Hive now has me wondering if they are pulling a prank on me. They are eating syrup like I have never seen a hive suck it down. The real proof will be in the next inspection, which I hope to do over the next few days and certainly on Friday at the latest. […]

A Gallon of Syrup in 2 Days!

I am honestly not sure what to make of this, but I checked the Westover Hive top feeder (just to see if they were eating from it) and it was empty! A bunch were all in it, licking up the scraps, but the syrup was bone dry. There were a couple of ants, but not […]

Westover Hive Update

I couldn’t get out at lunch, but the weather was so nice in Central Virginia (when I got home from work) that I decided to give them a quick, late afternoon check. I was only going to break a few frames out of the top deep, so I didn’t think it would be a big […]

The Westover Hive is Keeping Me on my Toes!

We received a nice rain over the past few days here in the Richmond, Virginia area. I personally picked up an inch and 3 tenths. This is not a ton of rain, but it literally fell over a period of about 20 hours. It was a perfect rain, soaking in to the last drop. This […]

Bee Slaughter

Once again, the bees pay a terrible price for my education! It wasn’t all that bad, but it wasn’t pretty.

James Kiser, a member of the East Richmond Beekeeper’s Association that lives just down the road from me, stopped by to watch me check my hives. As I did a full inspection of all three […]

Honey Extraction

The Richmond Beekeeper’s Association had their meeting last night, focusing on supering your bee hives and extracting the honey that your bees build out. An experienced beekeeper named Bob gave most of the presentation, however Kenny from ERBA also contributed. It was a very good discussion, although I almost passed out due to allergies or […]

Splits and Other Tidbits

The East Richmond Beekeeper’s Association had their May meeting this evening and the focus was splitting beehives, creating Nuc’s and tidbits about swarming and other beehavior. Kenny was the focus, which is always good as he has a ton of experience. It would have been good to have Tom here, too, as he is probably […]

She May Be Old, But She Isn’t Missing a Beat!

Today was my 2 week checkpoint for all three hives. I actually had hoped that I would be talking about my two new Nuc’s, but that will probably have to wait for another week or so. Some Nuc’s are ready, but I am 14th on the list, so I have a bit more to go. […]

Another Swarm…

I was working in my yard today and a neighbor from about a half-mile down the road came driving up, saying he had a bee hive in his garage! He mumbled something about insulation, but I dismissed it and hopped into my car to go have a look. When we got there, I could see […]