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Good Times with the Westover Hive!

With the recent disappointments of slow build up in my established hives, today was a great boon in my first ‘real’ inspection of the Westover Hive. I actually found eggs and they were working on their seventh frame already!

A week-and-a-half ago, I captured my first swarm at Westover Plantation. This hive I am calling […]

Slow Build Up and More Swarm Paranoia

Although the Richmond, Virginia area forecast called for rain most of the weekend, there were a couple of moments that allowed for a quick hive investigation. It was very windy, but at least the Sun was out. I actually opened both the Geronimo hive and the Albo hive, removed all frames but used no smoke. […]

Westover Hive Enjoys a Drink

I couldn’t stand it at work and had to run home to check the new Westover Hive during lunch. They were busy bringing in lots of pollen and I found a ton of them up in the feeder, drinking the sugar water down. I am dying to take a look inside, but have committed to […]

Honey Bee Swarm Captured!

The swarm, which I am now calling the Westover Swarm, is finally back in Varina, Virginia! It was a bumpy ride, but it appears to be 1 in the Win column for me.

When I last signed off, I had a bunch of bees outside of the Deep that I had laid down beside the […]

My First Honey Bee Swarm in Charles City, Virginia!

Since before I picked up my first two hives, I have been dreaming about the day that I would find and collect a swarm of bees somewhere in the Richmond, Virginia area. In all honesty, I figured it would most likely be down in Charles City, where I grew up, as a lot of those […]

Monster Drones & Preparing for a Rainy Day

If I had a dime for each time I went into a hive and found what I expected to find, I would not have a single dime. As my Pop likes to say, if you do the same thing again and again, expecting different results, it is a definition of insanity. Per my post this […]

ERBA and Splits

The ERBA had its monthly meeting tonight, focusing on the inner workings of the hive. Tom Fifer gave most of the talk and it was good. I opened my big mouth, primarily because of my general excitement about bees. In retrospect, I probably had the least experience of anyone in the room!

The problem centered […]

The Royal Lady Found

Hive 1 : The Geronimo Hive Queen: Found (unmarked, new queen) Brood: 5 to 6 frames of brood Queen Cell: Found (could be old or new) Drones: Flying now, only a few about (maybe a dozen or so) Drone Cells: In the corners and thereabouts Hive Components: One frame, an original from Tom Fifer, on […]

Inspecting a Friend’s Hive

My cousin, in Charles City County, picked up two bee hives right around when I did (Spring of 2009), except that he ordered packages from somewhere, whereas I picked up Nuc’s from Tom Fifer, a beekeeper in the Richmond, Virginia area. He received his packages in early April and I received my Nuc’s in mid-May. […]

When to Reverse – lessons learned (maybe)

For the past several posts, I have been sweating about the fact that I could not reverse my bee hives in my Richmond, Virginia area. To begin with, I was worried because it seemed that March was when it should be done for my area (based on my internet forum browsing – I do my […]