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Bee Activity

The temps have popped up to 50 today in Richmond, Virginia and my honey bees are showing a bit of activity. The weak hive is showing the most activity, bringing in some pollen resources it would appear (and probably some training flights.) One of my large Maples has just started to bloom a bit (1 […]

The Bees are still Downstairs…

Is this a lot of bees?

Being my first Winter, I can only read about what to expect (and ask some of the experienced folks in my area.) One of the things that I keep reading about is swarm prevention in these early months before the main nectar flow. One strategy (that I am […]

Bees Get a Bathroom Break!

After a little over 3 weeks (I think), the bees finally were given a pass to take a Bathroom break today. The temperatures made it into the lower 50’s, although I saw them milling around the landing board and doing cleansing flights in the mid-40’s this morning. Basically, the little wenches have been in a […]

Richmond Area Bee Meetings

The East Richmond Beekeeper’s Association has canceled their February meeting due to the rough Winter weather we are having (and the prospects for more in the near future.) They have moved this Feb talk to March. It will focus on a talk by Kenny Andrews on dealing with your wooden-ware. This should be good, as […]

Hive Body Reversal, Feb Feeding and Snow, Snow, Snow

The weather continues on its current course of ‘lots of moisture’ and ‘cold temps.’ In truth, the moisture is the only oddity, from my standpoint. The temps have not been too bad. We had 10.5 inches of snow at the Wilton House this past Saturday. A lot of it is still out there, since the […]