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Down with the Queen! Rebellion!

Two days ago, on Saturday, I had big plans to add a second deep/brood chamber to the weak hive and possibly add a honey super to the strong hive. As always, things turned out a bit differently then I expected (why do I even ‘expect’ things!? they never turn out true with these little critters!) […]

To Kill a Bee Brush

Well, I put my first powdered sugar on the strong hive and it appeared to go well. At least until I pulled out the bee brush to brush the sugar on the top bars between the frames. Boy do my bees hate that brush. They get on that thing and try to sting the living […]

Varroa Mites in Central Virginia

My beekeeping education in Varina, Virginia continues. I have definitely come to understand that I am at the base of Mount Everest and, despite my efforts to get to the top quickly, am still stumbling around at the base!

Tom Fifer spoke at the East Richmond Beekeeper’s meeting last Tuesday and gave his typical, no-non-sense […]

MegaBee Killer!

Wow, you would think that I would learn.

In my recent feeding, I decided to try the MegaBee again to see if I could give my bees a bit of a leg up during the hot month of August. This time, I increased the Sugar:Water ratio and hoped that it would dissolve a bit better. […]