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Hive 1 Looking Good

Update: On the Wax Moth front, someone on a forum advised me to look for Hive Beetles. He seemed fairly certain that this was more likely my problem.

So, this afternoon, after a stint at the Henrico County Gardening Helpline, I went out to have a brief look. No smoke this time (smoke sets them […]

Wax Moth!

Alas, I have discovered a dang wax moth in my strongest hive. To be honest, I found the larvae on the landing board when I removed my robber screen to expand it a bit. There does not appear to be a control, so I will need to check with some of my colleagues to see […]

Looking up at last!

It’s been two weeks since the last inspection, so I had to have a look at Hive 2 today, to see how it was faring. I have no idea how much the Robber Screen and sugar syrup feeding played a role, but the hive was looking much better. I found the queen and the bees […]