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Positive Hive Investigations

Although I think the MegaBee set my girls back about a week, things are still positive. Found the queen in both hives and they are both looking good.

Weather: Very windy, in the 80’s, mostly sunny

Hive 2

Working on 5.5 Frames 4 frames of brood with definite honey and pollen around the edges 1.5 […]

MegaBee Disaster Barely Averted

Well, another lesson learned…

As mentioned previously, one of my hives was performing very badly. After some online research, I decided to try MegaBee, a pollen substitute that has some additives which supposedly maximized a bee’s health. I ordered a 40# bag and waited.

As fate would have it, Hive 2’s health and vigor began […]

German Hornets

I have found a nest of german hornets in the yard and am wondering about what to do with them. I actually am not overly concerned for my own well-being, but do not want anything that is going to put more (undue) pressure on my bees.

These hornets are in a Maple tree just off […]

Hive 1 Rolling!

Hive 1 is rolling now. I was worried because I had seen one of the Wax Moth worms out on the landing area of the bottom board a week or so ago. But, I have not been able to really look into it. This was not a full inspection, but I did break down the […]

Hive 2 Revisit

Just got in from giving Hive 2 another inspection. It’s been 6 days since the Wax Moth incursion and I could find no evidence of the little critters this time. But, I must say that I did not make it all the way through the hive. Things were starting to get hot and I think […]

Hive 2 Has First Training Flight!

Good times in Varina! Wow. I actually noticed a Training Flight (Orientation Flight, really) at Hive 2 today! I have probably seen it several dozen times at the stronger hive, Hive 1, but not a single time at Hive 2. Today marks a first! They are still weak and need tending, but this is a […]

Master Beekeeper Provides Solace

Well, I finally broke down and called one of the three guys in this industry that I really believe have so much knowledge on bees in central Virginia that you cannot go wrong with them – Tom Fifer. He provided my bees but is really busy, so I hate to bother him (plus, I am […]

Pollen Bonanza

Only a simple observation this evening. The weather was in the high 80’s with a bit of cloud cover and not much wind here in Varina, Virginia.

Hive 1

As expected, this hive is really active. They are eating up the sugar water like there is no tomorrow and the little girls are coming in, […]

Hive 1 : Filled Feeder

This morning I filled Hive 1 up with sugar syrup. I put about a container and a half in their feeder. This is not a good measure, as a container is a kitchen pitcher that I have. The next feeding I will use something that I know what the volume of it is.

The goal […]

Hive 2 : Wax Moth Incursion…

Wax Moths Discovered

With the problems going on with Hive 2, I had the president of the East Richmond Beekeeper’s Association, ERBA, come over and have a look to see what was going on. When we opened the hive, we immediately discovered about a dozen larvae of the Wax Moth. I killed each one […]