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Robber Screen

Keeping The Robbers Out!

Well, I was finally able to seal off the bees last night (around midnight – and a couple were STILL milling around the entrance!) This morning, I went out to check and about 6 bees were on the outside. I know that one of them could have been from the […]

The Fight is On

Hive 2

Well, it definitely appears that my weak hive has been taking a beating these last few weeks. After putting the entrance reducer on, things really heated up on the landing area. Bee’s were all over it, all day long yesterday, and it certainly appeared like some fighting was going on. I am guessing […]

Interesting Research

The bees looked good this morning and I went ahead and put the entrance reducer on the weaker hive (Hive 2). I also checked the feeder and they were working on it pretty good. At last they are eating, which should mean some good results in a couple of weeks if it bears out like […]

My First Sting!

Weather: Nice but very windy Time: circa 8 pm

Beekeeping in Richmond, Virginia is a definite adventure! Basically, it was not perfect timing to be sure. Most of the bees had returned from their foraging and where holed up in the hive. You’re supposed to check them between 10 and 5, when all the gals […]

And the Beat Goes On…

Weather : Spotty Rain, 70 Degree F

Hive 1 has finished all of the sugar syrup that I gave them and seem to be itching for more. Hive 2, however, has not even touched a drop of the stuff. I have added more syrup to Hive 1 and am waiting until the weekend to determine […]

Honey Bees Eating Syrup and Another Training Flight!

Although I have been waffling on looking at the hives this weekend, I finally decided to basically let them be with respect to an actual frame inspection. I did, however, observe them externally on several occasions and frequently checked the hive-top feeders that I put on them earlier this week. As always, the two hives […]

Dead Brood & Feeding Issues

Today I decided to put some sugar water on my hives to give them a bit of a leg up. I purchased the Beemaster Top Hive feeder with some Christmas money provided by my family, based on recommendations from the fella at Dadant’s down in Southwest Virginia. I had issues with this, but first an […]


Today was my monthly beekeeping meeting and it was extremely beneficial. But, before I record these notes, I must comment on the one check I made of the hives today. I only had a couple of minutes between work and the meeting, but something had been nagging me the whole day. The pollen that I […]

Water and Pollen

The beekeeper that gave me my bees has many decades of experience with bees. He had a few hundred hives up until a year or two ago, when his health got in the way. He has a ton of no-nonsense knowledge, but getting information out of him is like pulling teeth! He’s very nice, but […]

Reminder for Week 4

Thanks to a very troubling issue with my hounds, I had to spend a lot of time inside on this otherwise beautiful day. In my continuing effort to look for the positive, the one bonus of this day was that I had a lot of time to review various bee literature online and read some […]